Thank you for attending World Pulse Festival 2015!

Thank you to everyone who attended, performed, or worked World Pulse Festival 2015. It was an awesome year, with some incredible artists and we are always in awe of what an impact the festival has on people's lives. We hope that you will join us next year for the 30th anniversary! And be sure to email in who you want to see perform at World Pulse Festival 2016!


  • Tonight at wickerparkfest on the Wild Turkey stage at Paulina. We are stoked. #wickerparkfest #wpf2015 1 week ago
  • Puppet show from Red Moon. Bizarre and awesome. #wickerparkfest #wpf2015 1 week ago

World Pulse Festival 2015 Merchandise

Check back here in the coming weeks to buy to World Pulse Festival t-shirts or sweatshirts that you may have missed at the event!

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